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Bullying Program (BLOCK)
As the bullying epidemic across our country has worsened in the past few years, and the devastating effects of that epidemic have rocked our nation, the necessity for bullying education has never been more evident.  

In both our after school programs, and children's class in the studio, we are now teaching our new BLOCK curriculum, a program meant to educate children about bullying, and give them techniques to effectively deal with bullying before confrontations become physical, or a child becomes psychologically traumatized.  

Part of the reason the bullying epidemic has become so widespread is because children receive such mixed messages concerning how to deal with the problem.  Many parents council the child to knock the bully down, while the consequences in school would often be as severe as would face the bully.  Many teachers tell them to ignore the bully, while others still instruct children to tell a teacher.

The result of these mixed message is a child who is afraid to deal with the bully, and has no clear course of action, which leads to more of the fear which the bully feeds on.

The solution is to arm them with words and strategies that will not get them in trouble, will give them the confidence to confront the bully in a way which will not become physical, and then watch the bully walk away, empowering the former victim and restoring their confidence.  

Our anti-bullying program was developed by a collaboration between practical experience and academic principles.  For the past ten years, Mr. Hein has worked with children in after school programs and in the martial arts schools in which he has taught, and during that time, bullying has been a consistent problem for many of his students. 

 The practical end comes from the methods  which he has taught to his students which have had proven results, and turned many victims into empowered, confident children who can go to school without fear.  The other end comes from Mr. Birdsall, one of our instructors, who served as a private school administrator for several years.  He has a masters degree in education, and his formal training in childhood development, as well as his ability to speak from the perspective of a school administrator contributed highly to the theories and methods behind the program..

If your child is a victim of bullying, let us give them the benefit of years of experience, and an environment where they can learn techniques which will teach them to transform their situation powerfully, once and for all.

We also offer seminars and instruction at no cost to public schools.  Bullying is a problem which we are committed to fighting.  Let us lend you our tools and experience in the struggle to end bullying.
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